Glanmire Pool Changing Rooms

niall_linehan_construction_0697_8_9 LV PS2 1200x600

View from the pool towards the covered entrance to the changing room, with new tri-fold doors and new cedar shingled roof.




View of changing room showing the use of glass and Cementitious Board also formed to create seating.


View of the linked walkway with the detail of Larch truss construction.

View of linked walkway with detail of Larch truss construction

Detailed view of changing room entrance including the timber-panelled wall.

Detailed view of timber-panelled wall, note secret door to changing room.

Internal view of changing room showing self-draining floor and steps which allow all water including rainwater to drain freely,

The floor is constructed at a 5-degree pitch to ensure no lodging of water in the structure.