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Rathcormac Classic New Build Home

Niall Linehan Construction are currently engaged in constructing a new two storey contemporary house in Rathcormack, County Cork.

The four bedroom dwelling is in a classic style with many contemporary elements, including a ‘Smart Homes’ system.

Rathcormack Classic Newbuild Home-rere-900x500

Rathcormack Classic Newbuild Home Rere Elevation

The new build family home is in the small town of Rathcormack which was previously on the main Cork to Dublin Road.

Since Rathcormack was bypassed by the M7 motorway the traffic flow through the town has been drastically reduced.

Rathcormack Classic Newbuild Home Front

Rathcormack Classic Newbuild Home Front

Rathcormac Classic New Build Home Construction Details

The Rathcormac family home has been constructed using the traditional block construction method with concrete slab floors.

The poured concrete floors accommodate underfloor heating which is part of a sophisticated and economical home heating system.

The central heating and hot water system features a geothermal ground source heat pump and a heat recovery ventilation system.

The building has alu-clad air tight timber windows and doors. These energy-efficient windows and doors present a great opportunity to save energy and thereby reduce the heating bills.

The alu-clad windows also help to contribute to a more comfortable indoor climate in the home. These are regarded as the optimal solution when it comes to energy-efficient windows and doors.

The two storey home is topped with a hipped natural slate roof. This type of roof is where all the sides slope downwards to the walls. As a result the house has no gables or other vertical sides to the roof. The result is a very elegant and very practical design which adds to the classic appearance of the dwelling.

The Rathcormack new build Georgian style home also has zinc flat roofs and includes a large, airtight two meter by two meter roof light.

Many of the construction features will be familiar to those know the work of Niall Linehan Construction.

Rathcormac Classic New Build Home Smart Features

The smart home system being installed in the Rathcormac house controls a wide range of features from lighting and heating to security systems and electric gates.

This state of the art system allows Smartphone and Tablet control over the electrical and electronic systems in the house, whether the owners are at home or abroad.

The lighting can be controlled to create different moods, or levels of lighting for practical, efficiency or security reasons.

Accurate energy usage reports can be generated from each electrical circuit in the building.

An added security feature is the ability to create a bespoke ‘Holiday Mode’ to help create the impression that the house is occupied even during the periods that the owners are away on holiday.

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